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When Mercy Comes Limping

By KurtBubna | September 20, 2021

Quite some time ago, a friend and I went to the beach together. He’s a studly sort of fellow, with dark skin, dark hair, and well-defined muscles. The kind of guy I usually hate walking next to anywhere, let alone on the beach half-naked. As a child, my friend suffered from polio, and one of […]

One of Life’s Greatest Uncertainties…

By KurtBubna | September 11, 2021

  For most of my adult life, I’ve been keenly aware of the reality of death. I know how short and precious life can be. As a pastor, I’ve done many funerals. I’ve had too many friends and family die young. I also know that we’re all dying. Even our next breath is on loan […]

Was Jesus Ever Unethical?

By KurtBubna | September 6, 2021

  Was Jesus Ever Unethical?   If by unethical you mean did Jesus ever do anything immoral, unscrupulous, or evil, the short answer is no.    Jesus never sinned. Period.    However, if by unethical you mean unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct or not in accord with the expected religious standards of […]

Why Failure Doesn’t Have to Be Fatal

By KurtBubna | August 31, 2021

  Once upon a time, I coached high school track and field. I was a certified USA track and field coach, and I loved it.   The hurdle event is one of the most challenging things to run. There are ten hurdles at the height of 83.8 centimeters (33 inches) on a straight course of […]

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