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God Writes Straight on Crooked Lines

By KurtBubna | October 19, 2021

  A few years ago, I had coffee with a middle-aged man in our church. Henry was gifted and full of potential. However, I noticed that he’d stayed in the shadows and refused to get involved. When I asked him why, he replied, “Oh, I wish I could serve, but I’m divorced.” I was flabbergasted. […]

Jesus in a Dodger Baseball Cap?

By KurtBubna | October 10, 2021

  Most humans tend to be passionate people, given to strong feelings and even stronger opinions.   Ask anybody what they think about someone in politics or some hot button issue, and you’ll probably get an earful.   Here’s another reality. Our past experiences and our present values and beliefs determine what we do or […]

Why Broken Is Best

By KurtBubna | October 3, 2021

Yes, it might seem counter-intuitive, but after forty-plus years in leadership and over sixty-four years of life, I can tell you—without a doubt—everyone is broken. I’ve never met a breathing human who isn’t a bit fractured, cracked, and defective at some level.   Before you cancel me, unsubscribe, or reply with a thousand yeah-buts, keep in […]

Some Advice for Youngish Leaders

By KurtBubna | September 26, 2021

  Leading people is an incredible privilege and one I never take for granted. For over forty years, I’ve been serving others as a leader or a pastor at some level.   I am not a leadership guru.   I am continuing to learn and grow.   I have made thousands of mistakes. (Maybe tens […]

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