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Jesus, You Got It Wrong!

By KurtBubna | January 19, 2021

  If you are a leader, at any level, you’ve heard the words a few (hundred) times, “You’re leading us in the wrong direction.”   Or the wrong way.   Or taking the wrong approach.   . . . and the list goes on.   Let’s be clear, sometimes you are wrong. Sometimes you lead with great […]

In Defense of Your Pastor (An Open Letter in Support of God’s Shepherds)

By KurtBubna | January 4, 2021

  Doctors, nurses, schoolteachers, and a few thousand other occupations and small businesses had a tough year. 2020 presented challenges previously unknown and unfaced in most of our lifetimes.   Regardless of where you land on the political or economic scale, nobody argues about whether last year was challenging or not. It was hard. Like […]

The Year That Wasn’t

By KurtBubna | December 29, 2020

  Me and about a million other bloggers are trying to write something pithy and witty to close out the worst and weirdest year ever.   Here’s my attempt.   2020 wasn’t fun.   I like to eat out.   I like to watch movies on the big screen with a sound system that blows […]

A 2020 Christmas Poem (by Kurt Bubna)

By KurtBubna | December 25, 2020

From the rustic manger To a rugged cross He came to give And suffer loss   With me in mind And you in heart He longs to free And bridge the dark   His life, His joy His gift divine In Him, deep hope Is what we find   The hope we need Despite the […]

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