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Regenesis: “The act or process of renewal or rebirth.”

By KurtBubna | August 6, 2020

As a leader and pastor, there are some tough questions I face every day. Actually, they’re more in my face than I’d like.   What do you do when the “new normal” seems very abnormal?   How do you move forward when you are awfully unsure who is moving with you?   When did fear and frustration […]

Blood Born – A Novel

By KurtBubna | July 30, 2020

Below, is a very rough draft of the first two chapters of my very first attempt at writing a novel. The main character is introduced here as the 7th child of a Germanic tribesman. This is the beginning of his backstory. Eventually, after the death of his father, the orphaned child (first called, Agi, meaning […]

5 Lessons Learned in the COVID Wilderness

By KurtBubna | July 21, 2020

Have you ever felt like you’re on the backside of the desert or in some twisted form of an apocalyptic wasteland? Do you feel a bit isolated and irritated in your struggle with the COVID dilemma?   Of course, you’re pretty sure God hasn’t abandoned you or moved out of your reach.   But . […]

When Words Hurt (Worse than Sticks n’ Stones)

By KurtBubna | July 2, 2020

Sometimes I’m confused, and other times I’m upset and frustrated, but my most common feeling lately is sadness.   Never in my lifetime have I experienced a global pandemic, a worldwide recession with unemployment equal to the Great Depression, and civil unrest simultaneously. (Oh, and just for fun, let’s throw in a presidential election too.) […]

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