My Friend, Paul

Paul Miller(I wrote this after spending some time in prayer for my friend who is suffering.

I'm sharing it with you to ask you to pray with me for him.)

Strong, tender, sometimes stubborn like me

True, faithful, anointed is he

A guy you can trust

A man of his word

An ally

A champion

A friend when life’s blurred

Through shadows of darkness

And storms of great pain

He has stayed the course over

And over again

In moments of doubt

And despite days of despair

He worries of others

And seeks out their care

I weep for his burden

I ache for his loss

Were it possible somehow

I would carry his cross

Yet still in this season

Filled with questions and great tears

I thank God for Paul

And for all of these years

A man you can count on

Through the thick and the thin

My brother

My buddy

My hero

My friend


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