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More Shocking News

By KurtBubna | June 22, 2020

Are we, as humans, naturally inclined to do good? Is it our basic instinct to avoid evil?   Given enough time, education, and money, can we humans fix all that is wrong and sick with our culture?   I think not, and I would suggest that utopia is not just around the corner. We generally […]

What to Do When Grieving the Loss of Friends

By KurtBubna | June 16, 2020

Recently, I had two painful experiences with friends. One is leaving our church because I am too conservative on an issue, and another threatened to leave because they thought I’m too liberal on another subject.   Sigh.   Both encounters hurt. I lost sleep and a lot of tears over both of these painful experiences. […]

Two Questions to Ask in Troubling Times

By KurtBubna | June 4, 2020

Name the issue, Covid-19, racism, white privilege, vaccinations, etcetera, and you’ll find a vast amount of information with a wide variety of opinions out there.   Let me start by saying this post is not going to add to the arguments that abound everywhere.   I’ll let smarter people with more information, more experience, and better writing […]

Safety First?

By KurtBubna | May 31, 2020

Guest Post by Jessica Harris (My Daughter)   Today I read through a good portion of the book of Acts in my devotions, and some thoughts that have been percolating in the back of my mind and heart became crystal clear.   I don’t want to live a safe life.   I don’t want my […]

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