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Character Always Matters, But . . .

By KurtBubna | March 17, 2021

  Character matters. Integrity matters. Uprightness, honesty, and honor are important for everyone, not just for leaders.   But shouldn’t we expect more from our leaders?   Yes and no.   Regardless of where you land on the political scale, liberal, moderate, or conservative, you have a lot riding on the integrity of political leaders. […]

I Never Thought I’d Live This Long But . . .

By KurtBubna | March 13, 2021

  Today, March 13, I’m setting a personal record for most days lived, but I never thought I’d live this long.   Here are a few reasons why I figured I’d be with Jesus by now:   Everything in my life came early. Married at 18. Managing people at 19. First kid at 21. First […]

Finding Value in the Rubbish (Why God Loves the Broken)

By KurtBubna | March 3, 2021

  I like to shop at garage sales. My wife, not so much. She thinks (silly woman) that I have enough “junk” (her words, not mine), and she’s convinced I don’t need to take home someone else’s garbage.   I’ve tried to convince her through a variety of sound arguments . . .   What […]

When You’re In a Dark Place

By KurtBubna | February 23, 2021

  Whether you’re a leader, pastor, Uber driver, parent, or all of the above, sometimes you find yourself in a dark place.    A place of distress.   A place of anguish.   A place where you wonder, How did I end up in a hole this deep anyhow?   The dictionary defines darkness as the […]

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