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What to Do if You’ve Been Rejected

By KurtBubna | December 1, 2020

Maybe you’ve noticed how intolerant our “tolerant plagued” culture is nowadays.   If you say, write, or do something someone strongly disagrees with, then you’re out. Canceled. Unfollowed. Persona non grata.    People will shake their heads, maybe make a nasty comment about how selfish or stupid you are, and then write you off.   We (including […]

Covid-19 Mandates – Should We Always Submit?

By KurtBubna | November 23, 2020

(Note: this is a follow-up to my last post about Covid-19 found here. It went viral, and it’s worth your time to read if you missed it.)   When the first lockdown orders came to churches months ago, many of my friends pointed to Romans 13 (or Titus 3).    Romans 13:1-2 says, “Let every […]

Covid Realities (One Pastor’s Perspective)

By KurtBubna | November 15, 2020

Our governor just put us in another modified lockdown, effectively shutting many businesses, severely limiting church meetings, and forbidding Home Groups to meet if we follow his mandates.   Before I tell you how I feel, let’s review a few facts:   Covid-19 is real. The virus is spreading. We do have an uptick in […]

Failure Vs. Failed

By KurtBubna | November 9, 2020

Life is hard and often brutal.   Emotionally things are tough at times, and the physical and spiritual challenges many of us face every day are draining.    I know I’m not the only person to have a tough year. A few things, like a pandemic, alongside some political and racial unrest, made 2020 terrible. […]

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