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What to Do When Held in Contempt

By KurtBubna | February 14, 2021

I was standing in Starbucks in Southern California waiting for my coffee, and the looks I was getting were downright mean.   I started to wonder . . .   What’s wrong with these people?   Why am I getting such nastiness from complete strangers?   Maybe they hate the Zags? (I was in my favorite […]

LOVE. First. Again. Always

By KurtBubna | February 11, 2021

Guest Post by Jessica Harris   She made a beeline for me the minute the plane landed. As I adjusted my mask to again cover my nose (I had been attempting to get some fresh air, as our tiny-aircraft-bumpy-landing caused me some nausea), the flight attendant halted in her tracks right in front of me […]

In the Event of My Death

By KurtBubna | February 1, 2021

  What you are about to read is not written with any death-wish. I’m not suicidal, and I’m not trying to be morbid or gloomy for effect.   That being said, the older I get, the more I realize, death is real.   Not a real possibility, but an actual eventuality.   On this side of eternity, […]

Does God Need You?

By KurtBubna | January 26, 2021

  I hear it in prayers on a fairly regular basis, “Oh Lord, we humbly offer our lives to you, and we are grateful for your goodness, but we know You don’t need us to do what You want to do.”   And when I hear that, I cringe just a bit.   Doesn’t God “need […]

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