The 2020 Annual Bubna Christmas Letter!

The 2020 Annual Bubna Christmas Letter!

Merry Christmas!

2020 is almost over (Hallelujah!), and unexpected challenges kept surprising us. Nevertheless, we’ve come to see every day as a gift and an opportunity to grow. God has faithfully carried us in so many ways.

2020 brought lots of blessings and challenges...

Just before the “Covid-Collapse,” we got to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in Kona, Hawaii.

Kurt had his Africa trips canceled this past year and misses immensely the pastors and leaders in Botswana.

Laura actively serves in our church food pantry, assists with our ESL program, and continues to watch our local grandkids often.

In February, Kurt published his 7th book, Uncommon Hope: The Path to an Epic Life, and the audio version will be out soon! (You will find all his books here on Amazon.) His 8th book, a novel called Blood Born, will be finished in 2021. It’s a historical fiction based around one Legionary's journey to the cross.

Laura’s favorite hobby now is learning Spanish, and besides writing a lot, Kurt has sold quite a few of his professional pictures (like some included here).

Eastpoint, our church of 18 years now, is smaller (due to C-19), yet healthier than ever and a great blessing. We love our friends and church family!

So much of what happened this year was unforeseen, unexpected, and even unpleasant! But God is good, we have grown, and this season shall pass.

May Emmanuel—God with us—hold you close and keep you safe and secure in Him this coming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our home to yours!

You are loved,             

Kurt & Laura Bubna

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12 thoughts on “The 2020 Annual Bubna Christmas Letter!

  1. Kurt and Laura,
    What a delightful Christmas letter! It was so nice to hear about your year. Glad you were able to celebrate 45 years together!
    I did not know your church has a food pantry or an ESL program. Come 2021, I will get in touch with you guys. I don’t know your volunteer policy, but I would love to hear what you are doing and explore the possibility of getting involved.
    Love your sharing throughout the year, and the gift of HOPE you bring. Merry Christmas to you both.

    Roberta Depner

    1. Hi Roberta, we would love to have your involvement in the ESL program and/or the pantry. YOU are always welcome! Hope you and yours have a great Christmas. You are loved!

  2. Thank you, Kurt, for your encouraging, thought-provoking posts. They have been a God send always but particularly this year. Keep on writing your blog and books!
    Happy Nativity and New Year’s blessings to you and your lovely wife and family!

  3. Kurt I can’t tell you what a Blessing it is for me to follow you – though limited – at times – I’ve wanted to share with you and have hesitated. but feel now is a right time to do so . You may remember my three Kids Keven – Karen – Keith <3 <3 <3 they have all pass away – Kev in '03 — Karen '08 – and Keith '16 all health related and drastic. Lynda my youngest is still with me and lives not too far away I am Blessed beyond measure with a rich life of Our Lords Presence and Care – Not expecting any kind of response – just felt I wanted to share this with You . It warms my Heart to see you and Your Gifts being at work for Jesus and with such success and satisfaction – Lovingly in His Name Janet

    1. Hi Janet,
      Wow. I’m so sorry. I had no idea three of your kids are gone. You have been through so much loss. 🙁
      I am grateful you follow me and thankful for your love.
      Praying for God’s joy in your life this Christmas.

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