What You May Not Know About Your Pastor During the Pandemic

What You May Not Know About Your Pastor During the Pandemic

We pastors and ministry leaders are an interesting lot. Of course, we are not more important than anyone else and neither is our occupation. We are, however, called to care for the hearts and souls of people. Yesterday, I spent time on the phone with a man who had lost his wife the night before. We both cried.


You see, pastors are the first responders to the spiritual struggles and emotional tragedies of humanity. The millions on this planet who are . . .












Desperate and struggling.


I cannot presume to speak for all pastors in all churches, but I have been in ministry for nearly forty years, so I can speak from decades of experience.


And here’s a reality: Your pastor is a good man or woman who wrestles with darkness on a regular basis—for you.



Since the pandemic of Covid-19 began, your pastor has probably never worked so hard, prayed so long, or felt your pain more than now. He or she is doing their absolute best to provide you a plethora of opportunities to better connect you with God and others. Pastors know that if a person gets isolated, they get vulnerable to all sorts of evil. We don’t want you just to survive this challenging time; we want you to grow and thrive spiritually in the midst of it all.


We understand your fears, worries, and frustrations because we feel them too. We know the stress of unexpected and unwanted change. We feel the weight of being forced to make difficult decisions. We too toss and turn at night and wonder, How long? How much? How bad will it get before it gets better?


And for your pastor, it’s not just about them; it’s about you as well. Any pastor worth his salt is either up late or up very early (or both) crying out to God on your behalf. They hear the struggle in your voice when they call. They see the fearful posts you make on social media. They know the potential for serious relational strain in your marriage and family when everybody is indefinitely confined and concerned about almost everything.


We get it.


We’re there too.


But our “burden” includes you and yours—not just our own immediate family.



We are deeply concerned about you and your emotional, relational, and spiritual health.


You may not understand the shepherd’s heart we have for you, but it’s why we do what we do. Trust me, our labor of love isn’t about the money or the glory (99.99% of us will never be rich or famous).


But we are called and commissioned by Jesus to watch over you.


And we are shepherds of God’s flock who would face a bear at the risk of our own life for you.


Forgive me if all of this sounds somewhat self-promoting. Like I said at the beginning of this post, we aren’t more important than you or anyone else.


However, as a pastor who often mentors and cares for other leaders, I felt compelled to remind you to please pray for your leaders who are watching over and aching for you.


Pastors aren’t super-human, and right now some of them can barely breathe because of the load they are carrying.


I know, we should “cast our all our cares on the Lord.” So please don’t quote any Scriptures to me in an attempt to correct my perspective.



But let me remind you that even Jesus wrestled with weariness.


When Jesus was sleeping on a cushion in the stern of a boat during a storm, it wasn’t because He didn’t care; it was because He was exhausted.


And for the record, pastors aren’t nearly as strong or as good as Jesus.


So please pray for your pastor, then pray some more.


We need it.



“Keep owning the fact that you aren’t perfect and nearly as strong as you think.

Agree with God about your sin, and don’t be embarrassed to ask others

to pray for you when you fail.

We all need help.

Even spiritual giants like Elijah were still just human,

but watch what God can do when we are in relationship with Him!”

James 5:16-18 (Bubna Paraphrase)


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42 thoughts on “What You May Not Know About Your Pastor During the Pandemic

  1. What we do know about you pastor Kurt,
    We’ve seen that look in your eyes as you agonize over others suffering.
    We hear your continual heartfelt invitation to know Jesus
    We watch you raise your hands in praise
    We watch you humbly praying for each right word to say
    We know your constant prayer in our behalf
    We know that in each miracle we have experienced…you played a part
    You made coming home possible after losing our way. Thank you. We love you. We pray for you many times each day

  2. Always keeping you and our Eastpoint team in my prayers. Thank you all for being here for us!

  3. Praying for you and appreciate all you do. Especially the prayers for your people. We all certainly need it and of course you are in our prayers now and always.

    Reed and Sue.

  4. Thanks Kurt for all you do and your Godly heart. We love you
    and ARE praying for you. God bless.

  5. I truely look forward to your weekly blog…it IS a thought provoking breath of fresh air! I read your newest book with the same highly anticipation as your blog & you DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! I DO pray for you along with my pastors here in Missouri.
    thank you thank you thank you

  6. Dear Pastor!
    I have found comfort in your words. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Rev Sizo Dibebe
    Botswana, Africa

  7. Thank you for being so honest. I need to never forget and always be thankful for the sacrifices you and Laura make for me. I am blessed to have you as my pastor. Love and Prayers to you both and our AWESOME staff. Enjoying every ones morning and evening time with us.

  8. Dear Pastor Kurt,
    Bless you for sharing your heart and reminding us you’re still there 24/7 when all we can see is a mess of worries.

    Thank you for your prayers over us and leading a d guiding and feeding us with the Gods Word. I pray that you and the other ministry leaders find rest and peace today, Sunday, and every day.

    May the Joy of the Lord be your strength…and knowing we your sheep walk with you! We thank God for you.

  9. I will be praying for you, all of our ministers and all other ministers. ❤️

  10. I am praying for you and Laura and your whole family. Michael and I have created an even more special Bond with the LORD’S help, during this time.
    We wake up with a “I LOVE you ” on our lips. Say it through out the day and the last thing at night. With LOVE to all! Reatha

  11. And I have never prayed so hard for a pastor and staff as I have during this present time. I’ve seen the weariness in your eyes and voices and pray supernatural strength for you all. I want to hug each one of you and thank you

  12. Oh wow, Kurt! You nailed it here. This has been a crazy busy time. Connecting, praying, counseling and learning new techy stuff! Oh yes….counseling! Relationships blowing up because of the pressure. Yes, you really nailed it!! Busy yes, but all is well, because this is what He called us to. Thanks for this post.

  13. I simply can’t begin to thank all of you enough. I’m so grateful that God brought me into fellowship with you all. You are in my prayers daily. Much love and healing to you and your families.

  14. Thank you Kurt for caring for us and for ALL you do.

    It is hard to hear the troubles and fears of others on a regular basis. You struggle with how to be of help to them and it awakens the fears and apprehension you feel as an individual.

    I will say to you what I know. Take care of yourself and keep on loving others. I have no doubts you will do just that.

    Love ya.

  15. Perfect! Thank you for sharing your journey, and your heart! Definitely praying for our leaders!

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