When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Say

When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Say

Have you ever found yourself so overwhelmed that you feel like you have absolutely nothing to say? (Nothing of value, at least.)


Do you feel, at times, like it’s all been said—and better—by others?


Maybe you woke up this morning and thought, I don’t know how to do this . . . this new normal.


Yeah, me too.


A few weeks ago, I was terribly sick (the flu I think, but who knows).


Recently, I lost a dear friend who died in his sleep.


It seems that the world has come to a screeching halt because of a virus.


I’m preaching on Sunday to a camera, without a crowd, and it’s not the same.


I’m profoundly hug deprived and terribly missing people.


Money is tight, and hard decisions (I don’t want to make) seem inevitable.


What makes matters worse is everywhere I turn, someone has an opinion about what is wrong, what needs to change, and how I must/can/should probably lead better.


But I’m so tired.


So spent.


And so unsure about what to say.


Again, it feels like it’s all been said. Who am I to add to the noise—almost white noise—everywhere?


Then it happened.


I got a simple, short, but touching note from someone in my church. She wrote, “I believe in you. I trust you. I know God is working in and through you. Hold on, pastor, hold on.”


One short, encouraging card parted the Red Sea (dead sea) in my soul.


And it hit me again.


Never underestimate the power of your words.


Never think there’s nothing you can say that will make any difference.


Never shut down and crawl into a hole to die.


Never stop being an encourager. Never.


Sure, there’s nothing new under the sun.


Yep, somebody probably has said it better and more profoundly than you (or I).


But the right word, at the right time, to the person who is drowning, can lift them out of the depths of despair.


I know.


I was there yesterday.


So, when you feel like you have nothing to say, speak anyhow.


Share your heart.


Tell your story.


Write a note or look someone in the eye and say, “You matter.”


That’s what leaders do when they feel spent and empty and useless. They lead on by carrying on for the sake of others.


And for the record, that’s what other good and godly humans do too.


You never know who might decide to hold on and keep going because you indeed did have something to say.


A well-spoken word at just the right moment

is like golden apples in settings of silver.

Proverbs 25:11 (VOICE)



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31 thoughts on “When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Say

  1. Beautifully written, Kurt, aka, Brother-from-Another-Mother.

    (Hey, I just realized my nickname for you is BAM! How appropriate! So there!) Nevertheless, I digress: Leave it to you (and God) that when ya got nuttin’, Bro?……God turns it into honey-for-da-readin’ in your keyboard. As for me, I’m finding this imposed quarantine a delicious slice of nuttin’. And, seriously? I could write about the beauty-of-nuttin’ for hours as a result. (But that’s just me and my weirdo-inner-introvert-Jesus-freak coupled with my rural…aka, isolated….lifestyle. )

    May I throw it out there that doin’ nuttin’….havin’ nuttin’ to say….nuttin’ to “give” (when you are SUCH a HUGE giver)….might be JUST where God wants you, me, ALL of us believers to be right now? (BTW, I agree with that eyeroll I just intuited that you did.) It’s flippin’ humbling, isn’t it???? NO Christian, much less a pastor-dude, wants to be rendered speechless. BUT. (And this is a BIG BUT.) What you wrote just proved that YOUR “nuttin” is someone else’s “somethin'”. (Mine included.)

    Thank you for being brave enough to write from your “nuttin’-ness”. It’s okay. It’s better than okay. It’s as real as a bloody cross and an open tomb.

    So, as you always sign off to everyone else, remember this—-YOU are loved…………Ronna

  2. Powerfully and Honestly said Kurt. We all need people to be honest and open, with their struggles including our Church Leaders who are only human. You made us aware to tell others they matter to us. People are struggling emotionally, physically, financially who need others to tell them they matter and to hang on, God is walking beside them. A note, a call, a kind deed, will make someone’s day in times of so much uncertainly like you needed and we all need.

    God Bless you and your wife and your Ministry and keep being real and open.

  3. Dear Pastor, we feel for you and all the decisions you’ve had to make. The online messages are heart warming and a way we can stay connected during this time. We hope this self quaranting will end soon , but doing what’s required ( mostly ) will in fact make a difference in ending this crisis. On a lighter note, I was suprised to see you had taken on crucifying folks while having such a diverse schedule. Looking forward to our meeting again. BLESSINGS FOR YOU AND LAURA.

    1. You make me laugh, Chris! Thank you for always being there for me/us. Love you so much. Stay well. Please call me if there’s anything you need (509-953-9990).

  4. great word – thanks so much – prayers are with you – keep shining the light – rise up oh Church! Rise up oh God! Move mountains!
    Psalm 46 today for me and you

  5. Wow Kurt! Loved your comments. It’s so easy to get discouraged–but so easy to lift others up to see the Light in the darkness. My prayer is that this contagion will result in an avalanche of new believers, new opportunities to care and share, and God, once more, bringing good from a bad situation as only He can. Thank you for your words of encouragement–Always a pleasure to read your blog! God Bless YOU! To God be the glory!

  6. Thank you for being so real! You are an amazing leader who is always so honest that we can identify! I so appreciate the encouragement to keep speaking “Life” into peoples lives by our Words.

  7. Well said!! Thank you Pastor Kurt! I know what you mean. I read in Daily Bread a while back that our little in God’s Hands
    means much. In these trying times God wants his people to stand up and be heard. Just as you said. keep up the good work
    God Bless.

    YOUR timely post came at a VERY low point for me, personally. I don’t truly have much to complain about. I DO have a roof over my head, I have clothes on my back and food in my fridge that I bought with money from my still working job…and my family is all under my roof..but there it is….my college age children (who think that they are more adult than they are(18 & 20) mature enough to be) is the issue. Confining them, having them sit still, which was mandated by our county/state…that is SUCH an issue only because it is mandated not something “they ” chose. Of course I am the target and I should try and be understanding but all I hear is whining and complaints that I tend to be just as mean back…and it never ends well. After wishing them home and safe with me, all I want is them to go back to school…how terrible is this? I am hurt and angry and just not in a good place, so THANK YOU! FOR YOUR POST.

  9. Thank you so much for your authenticity Kurt! This message is exactly what God has been showing me this week. Even though I’m exhausted, spent and feel that I have nothing left, God wants me to continue encouraging, continue loving and continue to reach out to those around me and He will be faithful to fill me up in return. We love you and believe in your leadership as well!

  10. That was so good! Just what I needed to hear today. I am a leader and sometimes feel inadequate BUT GOD!! In this new territory, everyone’s footing is a little unsure. But we’re continue to walk alongside an amazing God!! God bless you Kurt!

  11. Pastor Kurt,
    This came at a time I really needed it. Struggling and doubting. Thank you for this simple but powerful reminder.

  12. Thank you for sharing your struggles and encouraging us at the same time . I will hold you up in prayer and the future of EastPoint Church

  13. I think it would be great if everyone went through their friends list on FB and said something complimentary and/or encouraging to each one in a personal message. It may take awhile, especially if your friends list is long, but what a blessing we all could be to each other.

    1. LOVE that idea! Let’s start an encouragement party! Thank you, Karen, for being such an amazing encourager in my life! You are loved!

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